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30 Minutes of Prayer
for Fellows, the Church
and the City
When TFI was launched in 2006, there were just five fellows programs. Today, there are 30 programs, more than 280 fellows annually, and more than 2,350 alumni! The fellows movement is spreading across the United States and we are inviting you to be part of it through the ministry of prayer.
As the new fellows season begins, please join us for a time of prayer on August 24th.
We're asking everyone involved with and impacted by the fellows movement to spend just 30 minutes, at any time during the day on August 24th, praying for the upcoming fellows year and the many people involved with it. As you pray on the TFI Day of Prayer, please use the guide below or download the PDF. 
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Prayer Guide
New Fellows and New Fellows Programs
  • Please pray for the 280 new fellows that are starting in programs in August and September as they form meaningful friendships with one other, explore God's callings in their lives, begin new jobs, step into new service responsibilities, develop deep and lasting relationships in their church communities. The start of the fellows year is exciting and scary. Please pray that God would work in the hearts of the fellows in profound ways and they would experience his peace.

  • Please pray for all 30 cohorts of fellows, that community would be authentic, deep, and Christ-centered. Fellows programs are only 9-10 months long. Please pray that God would bless each cohort with the courage to be vulnerable and willingness to invest in one another.

  • Please pray for the 4 new fellows programs that are launching this fall

    • Gainesville Fellows - Gainesville, Florida

    • Atlanta City Fellows - Atlanta, Georgia

    • Fourth Fellows - Bethesda, Maryland

    • Franklin Fellows - Franklin, Tennessee

Fellows Program Staff, Instructors, and Volunteers

  • Please pray for the 50 fellows program staff, that is directors and assistant directors,  as they prepare to launch into the program year. Pray for enthusiasm, wisdom, faithfulness as they seek to bless the church by inspiring and equipping fellows.​

  • Please pray for the instructors, professors and pastors that invest so much into the educational aspect of the fellows experience. Pray that God would reveal himself to the fellows through the work of these committed teachers.

  • We estimate the community of fellows leaders and volunteers to approximately 1,500 people! Please pray for the host families, mentors, employers, leadership team members, and many other volunteers without whom fellows programs simply would not happen.

Fellows Alumni around the World

  • Please pray for the more than 2,350 fellows alumni that live, work and serve in cities around the world.

  • Please pray that God would bless them as they seek to bring glory to Jesus Christ through their work, leadership, and service in the workplace, church, home, and community.

  • Please pray that God would call them even deeper into the life of the local church, as servant-leaders seeking to honor God in thought, word and deed while also blessing those around them by serving the common good.

Partners and Sponsors

  • Please pray for the seminaries, colleges, and universities that partner with fellows programs across the country, that they would be blessed and encouraged by their work with fellows.

  • Please pray for the many partners of The Fellows Initiative as well as partner of the local fellows programs, that together they might impact the fellows, churches and cities for the Gospel.

  • Please pray for the sponsors of The Fellows Initiative. Sponsors are organizations that want to meet and engage with the amazing community of fellows. Sponsors include organizations that want to employ fellows, seminaries and graduate schools, along with missions mobilizers and influencers. Please pray that all of the TFI sponsors would be blessed and encouraged by their work with fellows. Learn more about our 2020-21 sponsors here and sponsorship opportunities here.

The Fellows Initiative

  • Please pray for the staff, board, and volunteers of TFI as they seek to serve the community of fellows program directors and to help churches start new programs. Please pray that God would bless the mission of TFI and the work of those involved with it.

  • Please pray that God would provide the funding required for the fellows movement to continue its path of growth and for TFI to meet the growing needs of the fellows network.

  • Please pray that God would move powerfully on college campuses, inspiring many - even a record number - of college seniors to join a fellows program by using the TFI Common Application. And, please pray that by participating in a fellows program, each of these applicants would be inspired and equipped to step into leadership, to the glory of God and for the common good.

TFI Day of Prayer Logo - 2020.jpg
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