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Salt Lake Fellows

Salt Lake City, Utah

Program Description


Salt Lake Fellows is a 10-month intensive leadership experience for recent college graduates, that focuses on integrating faith seamlessly into all of life through the primary experiences of vocation, community, theology and wilderness.

Salt Lake City is a place of great opportunity and great need. The economy is thriving, the city is growing rapidly and the outdoor opportunities are endless. At the same time, Protestant Christianity is a massive minority amidst a diverse culture of Mormons, refugees, anti-religious, and restless adventurers. In this program, young men and women will participate in the culture, city and the collaborative community of New Song Presbyterian Church and City Presbyterian Church. Fellows will work in paid, part-time jobs, be paired with a mentor, live communally within the city and participate in weekly theological courses and outdoor adventure excursions.

Salt Lake Fellows Core Values

  1. Engaging culture. We believe in God’s call to engage with the culture around us; to cultivate, create and care for the culture of our city and community. We focus on engaging with the unique Mormon culture in Utah, learning to pursue justice in our city, reflecting God’s creative character through art and science and enhancing culture through our vocations in the workplace.

  2. Experiencing wilderness. We believe in God’s call to experience wilderness through Creation and the outdoors; to experience adventure and recreation, and take on a rhythm of sabbathing, solitude and stillness. We focus on experiencing wilderness by exploring the mountains, canyons, forests and deserts of Utah, through weekly Adventure Excursions in Salt Lake and quarterly retreats focusing on isolation, challenge and meeting God in the outdoors.

  3. Embracing community. We believe in God’s call to embrace community; both the belief and understanding that we were made for deep community and that we are called to love one another as a model of unity in diversity. We focus on our relationships within the Salt Lake Fellows community; loving each other as Fellows, serving and being served by the local church community, embracing our residential communities and pursuing vulnerability and truth in our conversations with one another.

To learn more about the Salt Lake Fellows program visit our website, read our handbook, or email us at saltlakefellows@gmail.com.

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