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An Invitation to Come & See

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

by Lainey Nix

On March 24th-25th, The Fellows Initiative will host the Spring 2022 Virtual Come & See training event. This event provides the chance for staff and church leaders to dive deep, together, into what it takes to start a TFI Fellows program, helping attendees understand all of the major components of a program. The Come & See training serves as an important learning opportunity for anyone who has already decided to launch or who is thinking about launching a Fellows program in the TFI network.

We encourage pastors and lay leaders from the church, as well as local business leaders to attend. While the pandemic has forced us to move the TFI Come & See events to an online format, the fruitful conversations that come about through these events provide encouragement and direction to all involved!

During the Come & See event, John Kyle, executive director of TFI, and Dennis Doran, a long-time Fellows program director, will cover the reasons for launching a Fellows program, development planning, budgeting , staffing arrangements, housing models, the job placement process, and more. Throughout the training course, there will be plenty of opportunities for Q&A.

The training is designed to work well in an online format. The TFI Come & See training is broken into four in-depth sessions, two on March 24th and two on March 25th. For a detailed view of the Come & See event agenda, click here.

“It's great to see how TFI has created best practices and processes for the kind of program that sometimes feels like art (plus prayer) more than science.” -- Spring 2021 Come & See Attendee

The Transformative Impact of TFI Fellows Programs

Across the country, Fellows programs are helping young adults discover the life changing process of surrendering all aspects of their lives to Christ as they engage with their church, city, community, and calling. Through a TFI Fellows program, they have the opportunity to develop a vision for a seamless life of faith and to gather spiritual tools they can rely on for years to come. Not only are the Fellows transformed by these programs, so too are the church(es) and communities that support them. The formation of cross-generational friendships and the cultivation of hospitality and service in a congregation are just some of the ways TFI Fellows programs do this.

Here at TFI, we are grateful for the many ways God is working through TFI Fellows programs across the country. Please consider joining us March 24th and 25th to learn more about this transformative ministry and what it would look like for you to start a Fellows program in your church and city!


Join a TFI Fellows Program

If you are a college senior, recent graduate, or know someone that is, please apply soon to be a fellow. You can apply to three programs at once with no application fee.

Being a fellow is an amazing way to launch your career after college! As a fellow you will have a paid job in your field of interest. You will take graduate courses in bible, theology, leadership, and cultural engagement. You will have many opportunities to use your gifts serving in the church and city. You will have a personal mentor.

The Spring Application Deadline is approaching: March 15th. But, please don't wait to apply. Some programs are filling up already, so we encourage you to apply soon! Click here to apply today!


Join TFI as a Financial Partner!

TFI is working with churches across the country to inspire and equip emerging leaders for the church, workplace and society. We are 30 programs strong with 280 fellows each year and 2,400 alumni!

If you have been blessed by a fellows program or simply want to see this Kingdom ministry expand, please consider making a recurring donation or a one-time gift to TFI.

CLICK HERE to donate online. To give by check, please mail it to our NEW ADDRESS:

The Fellows Initiative

8227 Old Courthouse Road, Suite 320

Vienna, Virginia 22182

Thank you! TFI is a donor supported 501c3 nonprofit.


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