Launch your career and explore God's calling in your life to love and serve in the name of Christ...

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Join a Fellows Program for a nine-month journey to work, study and wrestle through the many questions you have — and the ones you have yet to ask. In close community, Fellows participate in theological and biblical studies, workplace application and service within the church and the surrounding community. Consider participating in this leadership development program that seeks to impact workplaces, families, communities, the local church and the world. With dozens of exceptional programs to choose from, there is a program waiting for you...

Why Join a Fellows Program?

Because every area of your life matters to God, not just what you do on Sundays. Here are some ways you can explore these ideas during your fellows program year:

Culture MattersDon’t wait to see how music, art, film and media will define culture. Interpret, create, and promote culture that is reflective of God's goodness, truth and beauty.

Family MattersWrestle with how to follow Christ within a local church and host family. Learn what it means to be on a whole-life mission with other believers who are young and old and from all stages and walks of life.

Service MattersServe “the least of these” and discover your need for Christ while joining in the redemption of all things. Learn to develop eyes for the needs of others and skills to serve into those needs.

Discipleship MattersBe mentored and mentor others. Intergenerational mentorship is a hallmark of every TFI fellows program.

Knowledge MattersThe truth will set you free. Learn, so that you can share God’s wisdom with others.

Work MattersCultivate and steward God’s creation through your vocation; whether you’re called to business, education, politics, health, law, the arts, etc.

Church MattersThe local church is the embodiment and expression of the Gospel. The local church is the foundation of the Christian faith (the bride of Christ) and as such it provides the physical and spiritual sustenance for the individual and communal Christian life.

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