Inspiring and equipping emerging leaders for the marketplace, church and society.

Start Well in a TFI Fellows Program

A fellows program is an advanced leadership and discipleship program for recent college graduates. Through graduate courses, a paid internship, one-on-one mentoring and many leadership and community service opportunities, fellows develop and apply their gifts in real-world situations while learning to integrate a Christian worldview into all areas of life.


It is a is a unique opportunity to live and work in a new city and to be an active member of a supportive community that seeks to serve the city with the love of Christ. It is also a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience in the workplace while deeply exploring God’s design for us as workers and contributors to human flourishing.

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Are You a College Senior or Recent Graduate?


Join us for an upcoming TFI Start Well Webinar! Our webinars are a great way to learn more about being a fellow. You'll hear all about all of the fellows options and get tips on how to apply. You'll also hear from at least one fellows program alum who will their experience. There will be plenty of time to ask questions as well.

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If your church is interested in developing a leadership and vocational development program for emerging leaders, come and join us on this exciting mission! We have successfully equipped churches and leaders for three decades in the proven TFI fellows model.


We have in-depth training, resources, and program leader cohorts waiting to help you launch a program in your church and city.


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A Fellows program is an amazing way to a launch your career while exploring God's calling in your life. As a fellow, you will have job in your field of vocational interest, take graduate courses in leadership, theology, and cultural engagement, receive mentoring and professional development, and learn to lead and serve in the church and city.

College Seniors and Recent Graduates

Find your place in a fellows program

Pastors and Lay Leaders in the Church

Impact the emerging generation of leaders, your church, and the city by starting a fellows program. Fellows programs are a successful way to create lasting, rich, multi-generational relationships in your church. A fellows program is also a unique and powerful way to connect with the city, employers, nonprofits, and leaders.

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Financial Partners and Donors

TFI fellows programs have become a strategic investment for many churches across the country. Through these proven programs, churches are creating vital, multi-generational relationships while inspiring and equipping the emerging generation of leaders for the marketplace, church and society.

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