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Fellows Alumni

Stay Connected with TFI

The TFI network of Fellows program alumni grows every year. There are thousands of Fellows program alumni living, working, and serving around the world. Here are some ways to stay connected and to get involved. As new alumni programs and activities emerge, we will use these platforms to keep you updated.

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The TFI team is producing a couple of blog posts each month. These are stories of current and former fellows, Fellows programs and leaders, employers, sponsors, and those impacted by fellows. Please use the form below to subscribe to the TFI blog email.

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Follow TFI on Social Media


Want to keep up with the latest and greatest news from across the TFI Fellows network? Follow us on these social media platforms.

Join the TFI Alumni Group on LinkedIn

In addition to following TFI, the organization, on LinkedIn, there is also a Linked Group just for TFI Alumni. We post news and stories here as well as job announcements and opportunities specifically for TFI alumni.

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Support TFI Financially


There are several ways to financially support the fellows movement. First, you can support your local fellows program - and we encourage you to do that. For example, you might contribute to your program's scholarship fund or its general operating expenses.


Second, you can invest in the national movement of fellows programs by supporting TFI. By giving to TFI, you are enabling us to add new Fellows programs in new cities and churches, you are enabling us to recruit college seniors and recent graduates across the country, and you are enabling us to equip and encourage the amazing team of local Fellows directors.

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