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Atlanta Zacchaeus Fellows

Atlanta, Georgia

Program Description

The ATL Zacchaeus Fellows is a Christ-centered 9-month leadership development program for recent college graduates. Through paid degree-related work, our Fellows learn to approach real-world situations through a Christian worldview. This program catalyzes your career and your life as you learn, lead, encourage, and grow in God’s mission for the restoration of the world.

At Peachtree Church, we welcome men and women to explore God’s unique call on their lives in the richness of diverse communities. Atlanta is rich in cultural, economic, age, and career diversity.   Peachtree Church has had historic roots in the Buckhead community for over a century and drives to become more reflective of the city at large. We are seeking fellows who help bring this commitment to life.

With close to 7,000 members, our church offers a rich professional network. Cross-Industry leaders share deeply impactful spiritual practices and leading-edge career skills.  Our pastors help you navigate your faith, together in community. Alongside mentors, Fellows learn how to rise into their full potential and gifts, with leadership skills surpassing those of their peers.

True to our mission to equip young leaders well, we match Fellows with vocational  opportunities for professional development in world-class jobs. We strive to make asset-based employment connections with our Zacchaeus Fellows that often result in full-time employment at the conclusion of their program.

Join us!

  • Vocation and Career Development to influence all of your decisions – Engage in degree-related work that helps you grow valuable skills for a future in the marketplace or church ministry.

  • Leadership Development for lifelong application – Discover the unique call God has for your life. Using a gospel-centered life design program, you will discover and activate your call.  Mentors come alongside to help you explore how to pursue God’s call for your life and work.

  • Spiritual Formation classes – Study with Christian scholars, learn biblical justice and truth, explore deep questions, and apply biblical teachings while serving at Peachtree Church and in our city.

  • Community Engagement to expand relationships and create impact –Through church members, mentors, community leaders and community engagement, explore how to bring Christ’s love into all relationships, learning and leading together.

  • Communal Housing – Learn to do life together with your class in gender specific homes in the heart of Buckhead, adjacent to our church

Invest 9 months to create a seamless practice of faith in life, work, culture and relationships.

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