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Blue Ridge Fellows

Roanoke, Virginia

Program Description

Blue Ridge Fellows are recent college graduates who spend nine-months in an intensive, community-soaked program learning to live out seamless faith in Christ. The typical week for a Blue Ridge Fellow includes lots of time with each other, home life with a host family, work at a professional internship, and many gatherings for spiritual input and training.

We live, work, grow, and worship together in Roanoke, Virginia, which is both a classic city dating back to 1852 and the current hub of culture and commerce in southwest Virginia. Downtown Roanoke provides a historic district, a lively market, innovative apartment structures, flowing business, humming nightlife, extensive dining, and a variety of modern entertainment options.

Blue Ridge Fellows learn that a mature faith in Christ is a seamless faith. As a result of the Bible studies, seminary classes, mentorship, church service and thoughtful discussions, all reinforced in multi-faceted rich community, Fellows enter their vocations, marriages--indeed all of life-- uniquely equipped to live an integrated life. In particular, Fellows are well equipped to be a faithful presence in a fallen culture, and a thoughtful witness to people in need of a Savior.

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