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Chattanooga Fellows

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Program Description

The Chattanooga Fellows Program is a nine-month experience that equips recent college graduates to faithfully find their vocation, commit to community, explore their faith, and practice civic responsibility. We believe it is essential for young men and women of faith to have a solid base of scripture, a love for Christ-centered community, and the ability to live out their faith winsomely within the vocations to which they are called.

Chattanooga is one of the fastest growing mid size towns in the United States and provides abundant opportunities to explore your vocation in a community that has a passion to develop young talent. The fastest internet in the country has brought a large number of start-up innovation companies to the city. Local investors and local-minded businesses are helping  build the economy. Because of an abundance in philanthropic giving there are over 1,800 nonprofit organizations serving the city. Chattanooga was named "The Most Bible-Minded City" in the country. The size and family-feel of the city makes leaders and innovators accessible to the Fellows. Many of these men and women are people of Faith. Come learn more about what God is calling you to do  in a place full of opportunity.

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