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Davidson Fellows

Davidson, North Carolina

Program Description

Davidson Fellows is a 9½-month program designed to advance God’s Kingdom through the development, encouragement, and investment in the future leaders of the Church, whether they go on to serve in vocational ministry or as vibrant lay leaders in a local church. We’ll focus on four things:

Story: We are all part of a story. We’ll spend time coming to more fully know God’s Story in Scripture and will explore how our own stories – our past, present, and future – fit within the redemptive Story that God is writing in our world and in our lives.

Service: We believe service is at the heart of the Christian life. We’ll serve regularly in our community, and will also challenge ourselves to be servants & ministers of reconciliation in our families, workplaces, & communities.

Work & Faith: As we engage in our work placement, we’ll dig into both the opportunities and challenges  of being a Christian in the workplace. Along the way we’ll explore ways to be winsome parts of our teams and workplaces.

Formation: We’ll seek formation in restoration in our whole selves – stretching our minds through academic study, refreshing our souls through silence, rest, contemplation, and strengthening our hearts through mentorship, community, and prayer.

Adventure: The Christian life was meant to be an adventure – and we’ll practice how to lean into the unknown with boldness and joy.

Davidson, North Carolina has been voted among the best college towns in America and is tucked alongside Lake Norman, one of the largest lakes in North Carolina. Davidson has access to many of the things to love about Charlotte (25min drive) while maintaining a small college town feel. It’s a couple hours from the Blue Ridge Mountains about 3 hours from the beautiful beaches of NC.

Storyhill Church in Davidson, NC is the home for Davidson Fellows.  Storyhill Church was planted in 2011 but has roots that go deep. It’s a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and seeks to Love God, Love People, and Keep Christ at the Center of all we do.

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