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Greenville Fellows

Greenville, South Carolina

Program Description

As you look for a career that fits your skills and aspirations post-grad, you may hit a wall of questions. For example, what career path should you take? How do you combine success, excellence and ethics in your work? We know that faith and work are integrated for the Follower of Christ. So, how does a believer do both?

While part of the Greenville Fellows Program, you will successfully land that first job, wrestle with what you believe and why, and learn to walk joyfully with others. Our program teaches that community permeates faith and work, and we provide practical opportunities for Fellows to experience that for themselves.

Graduates of our program are prepared for the workforce and firmly planted in the foundations of their faith. They are positioned for success!

So why Greenville Fellows?

The City.  Not many places can boast the kind of awards the City of Greenville has won. A low cost of living, beautiful surrounding city, county and state parks, biking—these types of perks set a place apart. It’s no surprise, then, that Greenville has consistently been ranked as one of the Greenest Cities (#5), Top 10 Ranked for Millennials (#9), Hottest Food Cities in America (#3) and Best Small Cities in the US (#9). You can read more about the laundry list of awards the city has won here.

The Job. Greenville is ranked second only to Washington, DC as the best place for small businesses to start. A central hub of small business ventures supported by places like The NEXT Innovation Center, Greenville is a great place to find that niche in technology, engineering and entrepreneurial endeavors. Greenville also boasts international businesses like Michelin, GE, Lockheed Martin and BMW.

The Church. In 2018, Mitchell Road Presbyterian (PCA) celebrated its 50th year of ministry in Greenville, SC. Hosting the Greenville Fellows since its inception in 2013, the church provides host families, mentors, and teachers. This deeply intergenerational church is vibrant and growing and continues to find ways to be incarnational in the City of Greenville. The Greenville Fellows Program is one way that the church body seeks to steward well the gifts of discipleship and love provided by God.

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