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Winston-Salem Fellows

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Program Description

The vision of the Winston-Salem Fellows Program is to inspire and equip a rising generation of leaders to live their faith seamlessly in all areas, to discover their personal mission, and to participate in the building of God's Kingdom.

We accomplish this vision by providing recent college grads an intensely practical nine-month experience designed to help them successfully bridge the transition from college to career and live lives of passion and purpose.

We work with the support of a cooperative of churches from the Winston-Salem community. This unique partnership model allows Fellows to connect deeper with the broader faith community, while at the same time gain an expanded understanding of God's purpose for The Church.

Come join us! Winston-Salem, the City of Arts and Innovation, is experiencing something not unlike a Renaissance. So if you love community, if you want to make a difference, and if you want to join a movement - then the Winston-Salem Fellows might just be the Fellows Program for you!

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