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Living Out Your Faith: Why Fellows?

by Alaina Conley

In Christian circles, there is a charge commonly given, especially to young adults, to “live out your faith.” We enthusiastically accept this charge and have dreamy, idealistic visions of what a lived-out faith could look like. We envision a future for ourselves where we are praying without ceasing, going above and beyond in our communities, and sharing the gospel and leading people to Christ. When we hear this charge, in the moment we say, “Here I am. Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8).

Atlanta City Fellows

For many Christians, it’s not a stretch to say there is a gap between what we believe and what we do. We know God has intended for us to fully surrender our lives to Christ. However, living for Christ involves letting go of things that we are holding onto tightly. It involves trusting the Lord when we cannot understand his ways.

Do we understand what it means to really commit all aspects of our lives to God? Sure we are seated in the pews Sunday after Sunday. We may be involved in a college ministry or volunteer with our local church’s youth ministry. What do our other days look like? What do our conversations with our friends or coworkers look like? What do our relationships tell us about God being Lord over every aspect of our lives?

We know that these Christian “elective activities” such as youth or college ministries do not assure us of our salvation or make us any more “worthy” as we stand before a perfectly holy God. We also know that we can not muster up our own strength to achieve a life lived for God. We know that we are saved by grace through faith.

The Blue Ridge Fellows

This often leads us to naively believe our growth will be easy. We become passive and we halfheartedly assume that God will eventually change us for the better. It is almost as if we are waiting for him to drag us along until we become a more sanctified version of ourselves.

Have you made decisions and formed boundaries to ensure that Christ really is Lord over all areas of your life?

Having all aspects of our lives surrendered to the Lord will not come passively. This is why we first and foremost must seek God's help and rely on him. We are called in Hebrews 12:1-2 to

Lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith…

The Greensboro Fellows

We are called to run with endurance, looking to Christ. There is a huge difference between running with endurance and letting Christ drag us along while we are resisting. One step that we can take in the spirit of endurance is submitting to God’s will through our decision-making. We should aim to align what we believe with how we structure our lives, in order for Christ to work in and through us.

How does a Fellows program play a role in this? Will the Fellows experience automatically cause you to submit to Christ as Lord over all aspects of your life? No, of course not. A Fellows program should not be regarded as a formula for the “perfect Christian life.” However, making the most of your time in a Fellows program can be an extremely helpful and practical method of surrendering all aspects of your life to Christ. Committing to living out your faith in all aspects of your everyday life — the local church, the workplace, friendships, service – is a clear picture of what it looks like to sincerely say, “Here I am. Send me!”


Join a TFI Fellows Program

If you are a college senior, recent graduate, or knows someone that is, please apply soon to be a fellow. You can apply to three programs at once with no application fee.

Being a fellow is an amazing way to launch your career after college! As a fellow you will have a paid job in your field of interest. You will take graduate courses in bible, theology, leadership, and cultural engagement. You will have many opportunities to use your gifts serving in the church and city. You will have a personal mentor.

We are now accepting applications all across the TFI network but some programs are beginning to fill up. Please apply as soon as you can! Click here to apply today!

You can also learn more by joining an upcoming informational webinar.


Help Advance TFI's Mission

TFI and the the Fellows Movement has been spreading across the United States for 16 years. There are now 34 TFI Fellows programs and more than 3,000 alumni!

Please consider partnering with TFI financially to help young Christian leaders find their place in the church, workplace, and society and to work toward the flourishing of the world.

With your financial partnership, together we can:

  • Expand the TFI network to more churches in more cities. Even though we are growing, there are still many areas of the country that do not currently have a TFI Fellows program.

  • Expand our reach to more young leaders graduating from more colleges and universities. There is room in our network for more young leaders to come and grow in Christ. Your support will help us fill every Fellows class across the country!

If you have been blessed by a TFI Fellows program or simply want to see this Kingdom ministry expand, please consider making a recurring donation or one-time gift to TFI. We have made it easy to give online or by check.

CLICK HERE to donate online. To give by check, please mail it to our NEW ADDRESS:

The Fellows Initiative

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Thank you! TFI is a donor supported 501c3 nonprofit registered in Pennsylvania and Virginia.


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