• The Fellows Initiative

Entrepreneurship and Flourishing: An Interview with Baylee Eby

by Morgan Thompson

Fellows programs are designed to help recent college graduates start well. It is our mission and hope that each fellow will finish their experience more equipped to start young professional life with Christ at the center and real-world skills to make an impact in their community.

Some fellows take the start in start well more literally than others. For Baylee Eby, a member of the Capital Fellows Class of 2015-16, the Fellows program was a launching point for founding her jewelry business, Dreamer & Co., that is bringing blessing and beauty around the world.

Baylee (on the left in the picture) is a friendly face to everyone she meets. Whether over the phone or in person at a trunk show in Northern Virginia, her bubbly warmth shines through. Friends and fellow McLean Presbyterian attendees get to enjoy her company on a regular basis. Her husband Daniel, their Mountain Bernese dog, Moose, and soon-to-be baby girl get to call themselves her family.

Baylee’s story serves as a reminder that the God who writes our life stories is an author who knows what He’s doing. Our backgrounds shape our present and guide our futures.

A Dream Broken…

Growing up in a military family meant moving ten times and visiting over 35 countries throughout Baylee’s life. Living in Ukraine in high school inspired her to continue studying the culture, language, and politics of the region through the Russian Language and Eastern European studies program at University of Virginia. Baylee hoped her undergraduate education, combined with a Master’s in Public Policy, would help her fulfill her dream of working in the intelligence community. God had other plans in store.

A few twists and turns later, Baylee’s Master’s thesis brought her to the Horn of Africa to study local water provision with a humanitarian non-profit. While preparing to travel there, she met a woman named Jessica who worked for the same non-profit. She also met several local artisans that make beaded jewelry. Several years later, Baylee and Jessica would co-found Dreamer & Co. to support the work of these women.

After finishing her education, but weighed down with broken dreams about a future in intelligence work, Baylee arrived at her fellows program. The program’s built-in community provided a place of respite and healing. But that wasn’t all that God had in store for Baylee during her fellows season.

One of Baylee's fellows professors, Steve Garber, taught a class on faith, vocation, and society. The final project was an open-ended opportunity to apply the themes of the class to your own life. So Baylee wrote a business plan.

…And Dreams Come True