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Welcome to the TFI Blog

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

by John Kyle

We are committed to doing a better job of keeping you informed about all that's happening at TFI and in the fellows network. One part of that is the launch of this new blog platform. You'll be seeing (roughly) a post each week. Our plan is to have four kinds of blog content here:

  1. Stories about People. We want to help you meet current and former fellows, program directors and other leaders, and many others in the fellows community.

  2. Stories about Programs. As of today, there are 26 fellows programs in the TFI network. And we are growing. There are incredible stories of the ways fellows programs are connecting in the local church and city, working with employers, connecting with local leaders, etc.

  3. News and Thoughts from the TFI Team. The TFI team is working to bring new services to the fellows community. Plus, the TFI team has a lot of experience working with Millennials, doing career and life coaching, and leading organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Stay tuned to all that will come here on the new TFI blog.


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